Tanja Kibogo - Paris Photographer - Positano photographer

“Tanja Kibogo captures brides and grooms on their wedding day

in their most authentic,

most beautiful

and most natural looking way,

by guiding them through each part of the day so they don’t

have to worry about how to pose to look stunning.

You will feel safe and relaxed and enjoy beautiful, timeless and emotion filled memories of your wedding day.”

Hello there :)

I am Tanja Kibogo, the person behind Kibogo Photography,

a wedding photographer specializing in destination weddings all over the globe.

My strongest Inspirations in photography have always been nature, travelling and mostly people who are in love.

Travelling brought me and my husband Felix together when I lived in Kenya for six months in 2007. The two cultures combined give us the chance to work in different countries and with different couples as we shoot their weddings, elopements or engagements, something that I term as a great blessing. 

Beautiful and cozy café’s or tea houses are my favorite places to relax and enjoy time with Felix or with good friends.

To refresh my soul, I love taking summer sunset walks at the beach. I am a perfectionist and I’m all about details.

My purpose is to create emotion filled memories, which are unique. Memories, which last a lifetime, that make those moments come alive again and bring back a smile on your face when you look at the images.

This is one of the ways how I worship God with the abilities he gifted me with and with it bringing joy into other people’s lives.

I am based in Germany, which is in europe and my main shooting destinations are Paris, Amalfi Coast,

Provence and French Riviera.

XO Tanja

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