Top 5 Luxury Venues on the Amalfi Coast

Top 5 Luxury Venues on the Amalfi Coast

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life ~ Anna Akhmatova

I recently had the immense pleasure and opportunity to take a breathtaking journey along the Amalfi Coast to explore and experience the top 5 luxury venues on the Amalfi Coast. Alongside friend and amazing destination wedding planner Nyachia Knight from NKT Events, we drove the stunning coast to visit 5 incredible Amalfi Coast wedding venues personally. We wanted to have intimate knowledge and experience regarding how the spaces felt, from the locations and rooms to the hospitality of the owners or managers of each venue. After an incredible journey, we came up with the idea to share with you our experiences with these amazing Amalfi Coast luxury venues.

Amalfi Coast Luxury Wedding Venues

History and Romance of the Amalfi Coast

The picturesque Amalfi Coast is perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in the world. With rolling sea views as far as the eye can see, old, colourful heritage buildings dotting surreal sea cliffs and more romance than you can imagine, it’s no wonder couples searching for the perfect place to celebrate their love find themselves on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is part of the Province of Salerno in southern Italy. It is snuggled into the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the perfect Tyrrhenian Sea. In 1997, the Coast was quite rightly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amalfi has been autonomous since 839 during the middle ages. Its time and history is vast, did you know Amalfi people invented the compass? Over the long history of this incredible destination, though, time here seems to stand still. The beauty is surreal and the understanding that people walked these shores for centuries makes it that much more ethereal.

Top Wedding Venues | Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Towns I Love

Sorrento is the easiest town to reach and is a brilliant combination of the old world charm and modernity that many search for while planning weddings and searching for wedding venues today. It is a perfect location to use as a base for day trips and travel throughout your time on the coast.

Positano, I believe, is most famous for the lovely pastel coloured houses that speckle the sheer cliffs to the sea. Exquisite beauty, yes, but also prepare for lots of exercise climbing those incredible hills! Perhaps the most glamorous town on the Amalfi Coast, Positano bursts with nightlife, high end shops and cafés and restaurants, perfect should one be looking for a place for their wedding party to celebrate their nuptials!

If the romance of small, idyllic villages is more what you’re looking for in luxury wedding venues, Ravello may be right for you. Though there is no direct beach access, the charm, peaceful nature of the town, spectacular views and lush gardens are sure to amaze.

Where do you picture your wedding?

Though I could go on about all of the towns along the Amalfi Coast and the beauties untold, I don’t want to miss out on sharing with you 5 of the most awe inspiring luxury wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast and three reasons why I believe them to be pure wedding venue and wedding celebrations perfection!

Amalfi Coast Luxury Wedding Venues

Villa Cimbrone

Located in Ravello, the Villa Cimbrone is “one of the most prestigious Hotels de Charme in the entire Mediterranean.” The residence was built in the 12th century and the ambience truly reflects the history. For decades now, the Vuilleumier family have maintained and protected this piece of architectural history and the hotel continues to inspire and awe those who explore life within its walls.

Villa Cimbrone Wedding Venue | Tanja Kibogo

The panoramic view is to die for. When the weather is just right, it’s almost impossible to see where the sky ends and the sea begins. Famous for the Terrace of Infinity that boasts stunning Romanesque statues along the fence, the views truly do seem infinite, perfect for wedding photographs.

Helicopter Service is exclusive to the Villa Cimbrone. The only hotel on the Amalfi Coast with a private helipad allows you to begin your wedding celebrations in a unique and spectacular way. Who hasn’t wanted to fly into their own romantic fairytale? This is the perfect wedding venue to make it a reality.

Villa Cimbrone Wedding Venue | Tanja Kibogo

The history of Villa Cimbrone is long. For centuries it has stood and inspired artists, aristocrats and lovers. While walking through lavish halls or dining within old stone walls lined with art with windows overlooking sea and garden, take in the delectable history that the Villa has been home to many over time - D.H. Lawrence, Piaget, Virginia Woolf and Greta Garbo to name a few.

Hotel Belmond Caruso

Also situated in Ravello, Hotel Belmond Caruso is nothing if not lavish and luxurious. This 11th century hotel has rooms with vaulted ceilings and original frescoes that are surrounded by views of majestic mountains and the vast sea.

Hotel Belmond Caruso Wedding Venue | Tanja Kibogo

The famous Infinity Pool truly is “bewitching” as the brochure states, as you lie in heated luxury and stare out, the pool “blends sea and sky”. If retreating into this perfect infinite pool is not enough, perhaps their spa will further fulfill.

The luxurious spa has a culture and art of its own and the Hotel Belmond’s wellness centre is one of the coast’s most exclusive. This luxury Amalfi Coast wedding venue will not only offer you glorious photo opportunities and memories, it will allow you the time to rejuvenate, breathe and nourish every part of you.

Hotel Belmond Caruso Wedding Venue | Tanja Kibogo

Grounds here are simply made for wedding ceremonies, receptions and photo opportunities. Gardens are lavish, exchange vows as the scents of lemon and rose envelop you. Dance the night away overlooking twinkling lights in the towns below surrounded by the sea. Your wedding venue awaits...

Palazzo Avino

The last of our top 5 luxury venues in Ravello, the Palazzo Avino, is a 5 star deluxe hotel built in what used to be a private 12th century villa owned by a noble family. Overlooking picturesque fishing villages, the Palazzo Avino exudes both charm and luxury.

Palazzo Avino Wedding Venue Amalfi Coast | Tanja Kibogo

One Star Michelin Dining helps to make this Amalfi Coast wedding venue stand out from the rest. A large part of any wedding celebration is gathering for joined meals, food and celebration. With the very best working to provide you with an irresistible feast, the Palazzo can check many wedding venue boxes.

The Palazzo Avino’s Clubhouse by the Sea is located in the sweet town of Marmorata. 15 minutes from Ravello, there is complimentary access to beach platforms for guests for a relaxing, breathtaking escape. Slip your toes into the crystal clear waters and take in the warm Mediterranean sun as you recover from much wedding celebration.

Palazzo Avino Wedding Venue Amalfi Coast | Tanja Kibogo

The Sea of Love Table truly heightens the opportunity for romance. Be whisked away by boat at sunset on a private excursion along the coastline. A secluded candlelit dinner at the Clubhouse awaits you, complete with a live orchestra whose music is tailored to your musical tastes. Breathe in the decadent romance as you enjoy the sunset, the stars and a fireworks display. A honeymoon meal one would never forget.

Villa Treville

Once home to famous Italian opera and film director Franco Zeffirelli, this Positano 5 star luxury hotel truly is an oasis. A “private Eden” that is both discrete and lavish, exclusive and home-like, a couple who searches for a wedding venue that exudes culture, luxury and intimacy will certainly find that Villa Treville fits the bill.

Villa Treville Luxury Wedding Venue Amalfi Coast | Tanja Kibogo

The Suites are truly awesome. Separated over 4 villas, Villa Bianca, Villa Azzurra, Villa Rosa and Villa Tre Pini, 17 dreamlike suites are yours to call home. Each suite shares a combination of private gardens, terraces, plunge pools and breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Live in luxury while you celebrate your wedded bliss.

The Gardens are lush with colour, intoxicating scents and even vegetables that you can indulge upon right from the vine. Whether it be for a romantic, private stroll or for photos for your wedding party, the gardens are full of possibility. If you choose to have your wedding celebration in the lovely grass you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of Positano, and if you have guests staying in Positano the Villa even has private boats to shuttle you back and forth. Perfection.

Villa Treville Luxury Wedding Venue Amalfi Coast | Tanja Kibogo

The intimacy and exclusivity of the venue is quite idyllic. Russian writer Mikhail Semenov purchased the villa in the 1920s and Franco Zeffirelli helped make it the secluded haven it has become. The Villa even boasts a hidden gem of a clubhouse only accessible from the villa by boat.Take a 5 minute boat ride to find yourselves welcomed to Villa Treville’s private clubhouse hidden away amongst the rocks. A secret paradise of aqua waters and breathtaking beauty awaits. With a flair only artists can understand, the villa was transformed into gardens, terraces, hidden pools, a secret sundeck and so much more...

Villa Astor

Our top Sorrento based villa, venue and surreal vacation rental, Villa Astor, takes the final spot on our list of top 5 luxury wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. Some call it Paradise. We tend to agree. Villa Astor recently had a major internal makeover by French architect Jacques Garcia and has the book to prove it: Villa Astor: Paradise Restored on the Amalfi Coast

Villa Astor Luxury Venue Amalfi Coast | Tanja Kibogo

This Private Paradise boasts your own cooking and wait staff. For 8 hours each day, you can be pampered and not have to think about planning meals. Indoor and outdoor pools and showers, outdoor dining, a gym...this truly is living in the lap of luxury.

Luxury and history fills every step. Marble floors and staircases, over 150 pieces of museum-worthy art and furnishings, a library and the most stunning secreted and private views as the villa clings to the Sorrento cliffs overlooking the bays of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. You’re also surrounded by the ruins of an imperial villa. You cannot find a more fairytale based paradise to call home for you and your loved ones while you wed on the Amalfi Coast.

Villa Astor Luxury Venue Amalfi Coast | Tanja Kibogo

The Sorrento Town Centre is only a five minute walk away. So in the off chance you need a short break from opulence, you can explore the bustling streets and cafes of Sorrento before returning to your private pools and grotto for much a needed rest.

Can you imagine such a luxurious wedding? We can, and we want to help you make it a reality. What is your favourite villa or hotel? Where do you picture your dream wedding? Please share in the comments section, I can’t wait to hear what it is you love and how you picture celebrating your most important day!

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