The Sweetest Family Photography Session in Paris

Family photography session in Paris | destination wedding photographer Tanja Kibogo2.JPG

"True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future." ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I'm not sure about you, but I cannot think of anything more real-life magical than strolling through Paris with my family. Kristy and Ken of Blush Wed Photos (very talented destination wedding photographers) had been to iconic Paris many times, but never with their little one, London. Imagine my excitement when our discussions about their family photography session began to take shape!

The day was downright beautiful. We casually strolled about, stopping only where we felt was a stunning backdrop or felt inspired, paused for a lunch break, and finished in the early afternoon. Nothing was over planned and it was just as enjoyable for me as it was for them! I asked Kristy to share a little bit about this Parisian family photography session with me and below are her replies:

Why do you value family portraits?

I never valued family portraits, until I had my own family. Now I see just how pricelist they are. Our little boy changes so much every year, every month. And I think I’ll remember these changes, but I don’t. I now love capturing all the changes and adventure of our little family goes on. I think it will also be so special for our little boy to look back on just how much we loved him and all the things we did with him…especially now as he is too young to remember. 

Why did you choose Paris, or a destination location, for the shoot instead of home?

We are photographers ourselves and have gone to Paris 5 times to shoot other couples and have never had a photo of ourselves here. I was determined to finally get one of us! Plus, what better place to get photos in! 

How did it make you feel when you saw the photos for the first time, and now, after a year?

I loved the photos when I received them. But I have come to realize that I actually love the photos 10x more down the road. These photos mean more to us that anything we own, because what is more important than family and the memories you create together.