Morocco - Exploring the Sahara Desert and Marrakesh


"Focus on your goal. Don't look in any direction but ahead."

At the beginning of this year, actually right after new years eve, we packed our bags and boarded a plane towards Marrakech. Going to the Sahara Desert has been a dream of mine for a while but never had the chance to go. So why now? Well, I wanted to have an image film for a long time, but was afraid of being infront of a video camera, afraid of myself in motion ;). The other reason was, I didn’t know how to create a story behind it or a script that makes sense and captures the viewers attention. The last reason why I kept on postponing, was the location. I wasn’t happy with the idea of doing it here in Germany, where I am located, because that’s not me, that’s not us as a couple. We met in Africa, Kenya and got married there and that’s where the Wedding Photography business idea was born. We are mixed culture couple with so many unique and different aspects that it did not feel right to create the image film here in Germany, besides the sun never shows up too ;) So last year I got the idea of just doing it in the Sahara, a unique and rare place just like our marriage/relationship ;) Of course I didn’t have to ask Marco from Marco Dueck Films twice :). Later in the planing we decided to book Irene for our anniversary photos and took her with us to Morocco and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. As a crew of four we toured more than 1000km through the country, enjoyed the beauty of nature and delicious Tagines. Enjoy a few shots from our traveling tour shot on my analog medium format camera. Developed and scanned by Carmencita Film lab.

Videographer: Marco Dück Films
Location & great Service in the Sahara: Sahara Services
Tulle skirt: Noni Mode
Model: Irene Fiedler
Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab