Love, Gothic Romance and the Comforts of Home: An Adventurous Engagement Shoot in the Rain

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There are souls in this world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere,

and leaving it behind them when they go. ~ Frederick William Faber

From the hidden pockets of rainy Bonn, Germany to the warmth of the family home in the Netherlands, this Indonesian couple perfectly melded romantic elegance and love's simplicity in their adventurous engagement shoot in the rain.

What would you do if it rained on your engagement photoshoot day and you didn’t have the time to change the date?

The carefree answer we found was to embrace the rain and make the most of it in a photoshoot that just shone with adventure! And we did. The shoot was completed in two parts, over two days with both indoor and outdoor scenes. Though it’s hard to believe, it rained heavily on both summer days!

To many, the idea of rain on the day of your romantic engagement photoshoot, forever captured on film, could be devastating. But for this beautiful couple from Indonesia, it only added to their story of love and adventure.

Tiara and Genta traveled to The Netherlands to visit Genta’s parents, and soon thereafter arrived in the glorious and gothic The Hague to begin their photoshoot. The couple envisioned two themes for their shoot, one more chic and elegant in style outdoors, and the other playful, romantic and full of fun and curiosity part indoors.

Inside the home of Genta's parents, the couple found joy, simplicity, playfulness and love. It was a true treasure to be able to capture the happiness they share just being together in such comfortable and simple surroundings. Photos of Genta reading, of Tiara in the bath and of the couple holding each other on their bed, all convey such purity of love in such a perfect and simple way.

In The Hague, near the beautiful North Sea coastline, romance and mystery abounded and a grace was found in the photography, despite the rain.

A few days later traveling to Germany for the outdoor part of their pre-wedding shoot, playing under rooftops of Bonn's Museum Mile, to shoot through another rainy day.

The Bonner Kunstmuseum was founded in 1947, it was the perfect location to capture the chic, modern feel the couple imagined. The contrast of history, Gothic romance and contemporary elegance with the grace and love Tiara and Genta exuded was just breathtaking.  

I felt truly blessed to be a part of that joy and so happy we created memories, even with the  rain.

What would your vision be if you could have a two differently themed photoshoots for your engagement?

Photography: Tanja Kibogo | Photo Lab: Photo Vision Prints | Red Dress: C/MEO Clothing  //  @cmeocollective

A message from the happy couple…

“When it comes to pre wedding shoot, I know that I want to create a moment I can treasure forever. It should be very personal, intimate, timeless, fun, and show who we really are as a couple. Based on my personal experience, Instagram did help me a lot to find the photographer since I can see their portfolio and also communicate with them directly. It's truly a blessing for us to finally found Tanja and will never regret to have her as our photographer. She always made sure we had the best time during our shoot and really helped us to relax and enjoy every moment even though the pressure was real. The moment we received all the images was so exciting. We love it and really appreciate the effort Tanja put into as seen on the results. Last but not least, I would recommend every bride out there to just relax and cherish the moment. Don't let the pressure and unwanted matters bring you down because there's always a way. You just have to get yourself together and find the best alternative when it comes to situations you can't control. From my personal experience, thank God Tanja got me covered.”