Cozy and romantic Home Breakfast in Durango Colorado

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"Realize Deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life." ~  Eckhart Tolle

In april 2017 I had the chance to visit Annie and Jake in Colorado, Durango. It was early spring but stil sunny with some snow in the mountains. I drove all the way from Los Angelos to Durango with my rental car. Yep 17 hours! If I knew it will turn out into such a long trip I probably would have taking the air route (by plane) but google maps told me it takes around 10 hours so I thought, why not, this way I'll be more flexible ect.... well it was worth it ;) I drove through many natioal parks, passed through the Vegas Desert and the Grand Canyon, saw the most beautiful sunset buut was happy when I finally arrived :) I had the most fun 3 days with these two genuine and humble souls. On the last morning we had a delicious home made pancake breakfast which turned out into a super cute couple portrait session. Loved every minute didn't want to stop shooting as Annie and Jake are the most photogenic couple ever, can I hear an amen!? Here are a few words from Annie and Jake themselves:


From Annie: Our favorite things to do when we're not working: Jake and I are on the go a lot, and as much as we love adventuring and globetrotting, it can be pretty grueling on our minds, our bodies, and our relationship. So, when we're home together we like to take it easy. We sit on the couch and read next to each other, hang with our pet doves, cook breakfasts together, go out for coffee, dream up ideas and talk for long, long hours.  When we're both home, we usually end up hosting a lot of parties for the amazing folks in our lives here, and that is probably our favorite thing to do together. If we're home for long enough, we love to camp together in our van, or take road trips up in to the mountains. 

What I love the most about Jake is that he moves from his soul and he makes things happen.  When we first got married, we worked fast food and lived in the cheapest apartment in Colorado Springs. We weren't even breaking even, but he believed in us becoming artists so much that we hardly even noticed. Watching him dream, and then make his dreams happen from a place of passion and conviction, has been the most inspiring thing I've ever witnessed. We've had major struggles along the way, and pursuing a creative lifestyle with another person is very difficult, but those things have added so much depth and wholeness to our experience, and there's no one else that I'd rather work through those things with. He makes me feel like anything is possible. We built my favorite life together, and he is the best man I know. 


From Jake: Annie has and has always had an uncanny ability to see the world with her heart and to live accordingly, looking beyond the physicalities of a passing moment, finding its beauty, and communicating a reality I hadn't noticed. It's as if she's seeing colors few can see. People gravitate to her, not only because she makes them feel welcomed, but also because sees the best in them, validates their dreams, and encourages them to follow their own hearts relentlessly. They typically listen, and the world is better for it. I've never felt more empowered by anyone. Despite knowing my greatest weaknesses, she has always believed in me and made me feel that anything is possible. With her, it is.


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